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DSC management software: a secure solution for your documents

Our DSC software that makes your GST, MCA, Income Tax, Tender submissions, EPFO filings, and more processes run smoothly.

Download DSC

Instant Access to Digital Certificates

Simplify the DSC process with ease. Get access to utility drivers and token drivers for downloading your digital certificate (DSC). Download and install DSC quickly with WebLedger’s DSC software.

Track DSC Status

Know your Digital Signature Certificate Progress

Track the status of your DSC application. You can use your application number or enter your contact number with the date of birth to check the progress of your DSC.

Revoke DSC

Control. Confirm. Revoke Securely

Take control of your digital signature security. Receive an OTP for confirmation. Our DSC management software helps you to request DSC revocation or hold DSC. Our secure process makes sure all your digital transactions are safe.

Paperless Issuance

Where sustainability meets digital efficiency

Our paperless DSC software helps you avoid irritating paper-work. Obtain your DSC without the need for physical documentation. Our DSC management software contributes to a greener environment.


Whether it's revamping your onboarding program or signing documents - there are many reasons to use WebLedger’s DSC management software.

Easy document signing

Buy your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) effortlessly online. With our DSC software you can validate documents with ease. We simplify your process of GST filing. You can even use it for MCA, Income Tax, Tender submissions, EPFO filings, and more.

Recognized by Indian law

Obtain your DSC from a trusted certifying authority. The DSC issued by our DSC management software holds legal validity. Our software complies with industry standards and legalities.

24x7 Support

Benefit from world class support for concerns and queries. Our DSC software ensures a smooth experience. Our DSC software allows you to issue and use your DSC easily.

Securely revoke DSC

You can securely revoke or hold your DSC. Our DSC management software sends a one-time password (OTP) for more security. You can keep a track of your digital signature's validity.

Quick and secure

Our DSC management software offers a paperless process quickly. We also secure your digital transactions with 2048 SHA2 RSA security. Our DSC software provides peace of mind for your online interactions.

Real-time status checks

With our DSC software, you can download, re-issue or revoke DSC. You can know your DSC status by checking it with your application number. You can even enter your contact number along with your date of birth.

Our Pricing Plans

We develop a pricing model that puts the business and professional seeking ease of use, precision, and compliance in tax write-offs beyond compare. Find a customised pricing model for you that brings your DSC management to the next level.

Frequently asked questions

Get clarity and a thorough understanding of our product with the answers to your frequently asked questions.

DSC management software helps the handling of Digital Signature Certificates. It provides security and efficiency within WebLedger. It ensures a good digital signature experience. With DSC management software, you can reduce manual efforts. It also allows you to fasten document authentication.

Security is a priority. Our DSC management software applies encryption and authentication. We safeguard digital signatures against unauthorised access. We prioritise the secrecy and integrity of your digital transactions within WebLedger.

Ease in use is at the core of our design. The DSC management software features a simple interface. We make it accessible to users of varying technical expertise. It has simple navigation and clear instructions. Even non-technical users can easily manage Digital Signature Certificates within WebLedger.

The main idea underlying our DSC management software is compliance. It follows industry standards. This offers a safe, and compliant environment for the handling of DSC. As such, it complies with legal standards more easily.

Our DSC management software was created to be easily integrated. It is possible to extend this tool to WebLedger’s current workflows as well. That guarantees a smooth shift and tackles disruptions in your business procedures. This enables you to insert digital signatures in your electronic documents management.

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