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WebLedger Storage Drive for Financial Information: Secure Data Hub

The solution for storing and managing any valuable financial data is WebLedger’s storage drive. WebLedger leads the way in creating innovative standards for secure data storage and availability with its revolutionary Storage Drive.

Store Your Data With Ease

Save your files securely and have them accessible anywhere, anytime.

WebLedger is a contemporary web-based accounting package. It is one of the best multi-branch cloud-based accounting software. Our software will allow you to store data about different locations in a single room. Your documents can be kept centrally in the cloud. And you will have the right to your data any time of day anywhere on Earth.

Unlimited Storage Space

Store all the data effortlessly with infinite storage space.

Our WebLedger accounting software has limitless storage. Therefore, you will never lack storage space. The software will enable you to keep all your documents in a single storage, thus, no critical document should go missing.

Control Over Data and Ease of Collaboration

Share with your colleagues and have data at your fingertips.

You can collaborate with your teams, clients, and accountants using WebLedger’s software. Additionally, you have the power to specify who can see your information and can control how much exposure is given to each user.

No Hidden Costs

Transparent pricing with no hidden costs ensures you only pay for what you get

Ensure you have adequate storage space and eliminate any secret fees. There is no additional cost for the 10 GB cloud storage space that is more secure than the local storage.


WebLedger’s online accounting software is designed to make your business management easier. Choosing WebLedger has got a number of benefits that includes:

User Friendly

Manage your tasks effectively with WebLedger’s User-Friendly Software. You don’t need to be a tech expert as it is designed for everyone.

Securely Store Your Data

Enjoy advanced data security for protecting all your financial data from online threats at WebLedger. This is the good part; our software automatically backs up and restores your data.

Recover Deleted Files

With recycle bin support, one can recover deleted files and folders when necessary. Our cloud services for accounting firms can restore even deleted files from network folders.

Unlimited File Versioning

It automatically stores version files, thus one can easily retrieve old versions. Administrators have a complete say on the number of versions to keep during cloud computing for accountancy firms.

Support for Large Files Upload

You can share huge files without limit with WebLedger. One can send files of any size to clients, partners, and employees.

Preview Files Easily

Built-in document preview allows file previews for multiple file types within WebLedger. This alternative allows you to preview Word, Excel, PDF, and many other file formats without downloading a single file.

Our Pricing Plans

Explore quick and affordable financial solutions with our pricing plans. Make the most of our immense storage drive capacity for your comprehensive data storage needs at the most cost-effective rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get clarity and a thorough understanding of our product with the answers to your frequently asked questions.

The storage drive of WebLedger employs strong encryption and authentication techniques to guarantee the utmost security of your confidential financial records.

Yes, WebLedger has the capability of enabling remote access to your stored data on the Storage Drive, thereby enhancing convenience in dealing with information wherever you are connected to the internet.

WebLedger’s storage drive allows for the use of many different file formats that are commonly used in financial data, transaction records, and documents.

WebLedger considers data honesty as a top priority. Storage Drive has mechanisms that authenticate and ensure the integrity of the financial information which reduces the probability of errors.

WebLedger makes it easier to control and define different types of access, hence, protecting your data and your company’s compliance.

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