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Handling your business just got easier with Webledger Cloud-Based Accounting Software. A comprehensive solution for your accounting, inventory management, staff management, and customer relationship management is what Business Enterprise Module is all about!


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Multi-Branch Accounting

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You can seamlessly manage accounts of all your branches centrally through a single accounting software. Get real-time reports for each branch and view consolidated results on a click of a button to make informed business decisions.

Standard Accounting

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WebLedger solves the accounting needs of all kinds of businesses. You can record all your transactions, accurately reconcile your banking transactions and manage your inventory centrally.

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Intuitive CRM

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Manage all your customers centrally and track your progress and order fulfilment, payments and follow-ups through a single platform. Know which customer is profitable for your business through a customer-wise profitability statement.

Why Choose us

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Why Choose us

WebLedger’s online accounting software is designed to make your business management easier. Choosing WebLedger has got a number of benefits that includes:


anytime anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Cloud-based accounting solution by WebLedger ensures that you manage your business at any time, from any location and from any device without any hurdles. Get your accounts at your fingertips with WebLedger.

clean accurate

Clean and Accurate Books

WebLedger’s accounting software is user-friendly and really simple to operate. You can manage your books simply using WebLedger to ensure that they are clean and tidy and display accurate results.


Intuitive Reports

Get snapshots of your business using intuitive reports to make informed business decisions. Know profits and loss, customer-wise profitability, project-wise profitability, major cost centres and other useful analytics for better decision-making.


Simple Switch Over

If you are already using an accounting solution and willing to shift, WebLedger ensures a smooth transition without any errors. Even if you were managing your business through excel, it’s time you leave the conventional methods and come with us to the cloud.


Affordable Pricing

WebLedger subscription plans are not only affordable but are carefully designed to ensure that you get all the necessary features to operate your business considering your budget and business requirements.

One-Stop Solution

One-Stop Solution

WebLedger's cloud-based accounting solution is a one-stop solution for all your accounting and business management needs. Some of its core features include accounting, inventory management, tracking employee performance, CRM and still counting.



Features of WebLedger Online Accounting Software

WebLedger’s online accounting software is loaded with multiple features to suit all your business needs. Let’s take a deep dive into the features of the WebLedger solution.




Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Here are answers to all your questions


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Pricing That Suits Every Business

WebLedger offers multiple subscription plans. Select the one that best suits your professional and clients’ needs. You can upgrade your plan anytime as per your requirements.


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We Are As Excited As You Are! Begin Your Free Trial Now For WebLeger!


Get in Touch with us

We Are As Excited As You Are! Begin Your Free Trial Now For WebLeger!